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Another Tracking Sheet: Bib Style!

I was sorting through all my running bibs this morning and thought, “Hey! a bib design would make a fun tracking sheet!” So here you go, another version of a tracking sheet for the 2019 Run Streak that starts on Memorial Day and goes through July 4th.

Time for the Summer 2019 Streak!

Lace up your red, white & blue running shoes! The summer running streak starts on Memorial Day (May 27) and goes through the Fourth of July. That’s 39 days of running one mile a day (or more).

Time for Another Streak!

Time for another streak! The Runner's World Summer 2018 run streak starts on May 28, 2018 and goes through the 4th of July. 38 days to get your run geek on by running one mile, every day. I am beyond excited, since the first runner's streak I did (Thanksgiving 2017 - January 1, 2018) kindled a love of running that I never expected.