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Take on a Challenge!

Search for fitness challenges in Google and you’ll turn up more than 800,000,000 results. 30-Day Fitness Challenge. 10-Minute Muscle Challenge. Summer Fitness Challenge. Whole Life Challenge. 30-Day Bodyweight Challenge. Couch to 5K. 30 Days of Yoga Challenge. People like challenges (well, at least I know that I do!). Taking on a challenge makes us feel good;

At the Bottom of the Yo-yo, looking for My Mojo

Resolving to change a behavior is often compared to flipping on a switch. You start with a lot of motivation and the best intentions. You succeed for a while. Then temptation. Frustration. Boredom. A nibble here, an extra meal there. A skipped workout, an extra rest day, a half-hearted run. 


Sometimes a Girl's Gotta Rant

A couple of days ago I got really pissed off. Really, really pissed off. I wanted to work on crafts and projects, but knew I needed to go out and get in some walking. And I didn’t want to...

Three Lessons To Keep Going

For every time in my life that I've lost weight, I can remember the exact moment when the "switch flipped" and I was motivated to lose 30, 40, 50 or more pounds. I can also remember...