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Run Your Own Race

“Run Your Own Race.” Four little words. Four syllables shared with me by other runners. "Run your own race." Truly generous encouragement and advice. "Run your own race," begins the mantra I focus on whether running a race or performing daily activities:

Tracking Progress with the Fitbit Flex 2

Several years ago I bought a Fitbit One and clipped it on my bra. I became pleasantly addicted to the step counter feature; it didn’t take long for the One to become as much a part of me as my shadow. Every day I waited eagerly for the little flower grow to full size, indicating I had reached my daily activity goal. That Fitbit One got stepped on, dropped in pasta sauce, dragged through muddy trails and chewed on by ferrets.

March into Fitness!

The month of March brings the gift of daylight that makes it easier for us to run and walk outside. It also brings a chance to renew or revive your fitness goals. Here's a fun calendar to keep track of your progress. I used flour-leaf clovers instead of three-leaf shamrocks so I could keep track of my three ongoing goals and one new goal.

Today, Live the Change You Want To Be

The "Someday, when I've..." trap. When I can wear a size 12 instead of a 20 I'll buy new clothes. When I loose 50 pounds I'll run a 10K event. When my face has slimmed down I'll let people take pictures of me...

Gimme 5%!

Most of us set our weight loss goals in terms of arbitrary numbers. We want to lose 50 pounds, 75 pounds, 100 pounds. Always big whole numbers, never something like 13 or 22 or 37...