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Live by Feet or Die by Inches

~ The Memories That Keep me Moving Even When I Don’t Want to Move ~

My mother and my mother-in-law both died by inches. Neither had a catastrophic event. They lived 2000 miles apart and only knew each other through my marriage. But they had a common bond; a story lived by so many others: after a certain age both of them just stopped moving.

Earn a Daily Digital Medal!

The 2018 Winter Run Streak starts on November 22, 2018 and goes through New Year’s Day 2018. Running a mile every single day is a joy in itself, but to make the winter streak even more fun I’m making digital badges to celebrate each of the 41 days.

I’ll post a badge on this page every day. Feel free to download the images and use them on your own pages!

Burn, Baby, Burn (Calories)

When we think of burning calories most of us think about exercise. But thinking of calories burned only in terms of exercise neglects other ways our bodies burn calories...