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Run Your Own Race

“Run Your Own Race.” Four little words. Four syllables shared with me by other runners. "Run your own race." Truly generous encouragement and advice. "Run your own race," begins the mantra I focus on whether running a race or performing daily activities:

Take on a Challenge!

Search for fitness challenges in Google and you’ll turn up more than 800,000,000 results. 30-Day Fitness Challenge. 10-Minute Muscle Challenge. Summer Fitness Challenge. Whole Life Challenge. 30-Day Bodyweight Challenge. Couch to 5K. 30 Days of Yoga Challenge. People like challenges (well, at least I know that I do!). Taking on a challenge makes us feel good;

At the Bottom of the Yo-yo, looking for My Mojo

Resolving to change a behavior is often compared to flipping on a switch. You start with a lot of motivation and the best intentions. You succeed for a while. Then temptation. Frustration. Boredom. A nibble here, an extra meal there. A skipped workout, an extra rest day, a half-hearted run.