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Another Tracking Sheet: Bib Style!

I was sorting through all my running bibs this morning and thought, “Hey! a bib design would make a fun tracking sheet!” So here you go, another version of a tracking sheet for the 2019 Run Streak that starts on Memorial Day and goes through July 4th.

Time for the Winter Streak!

On November 22, 2018, thousands of runners will commit to running one mile a day from Thanksgiving through News Year’s Day: 41 days of running bliss! Through warm, cold, wind and rain, snow and mud,

Yeah, I'm a Runner

The last thing thing I felt like doing today was running. But I had to. I’d signed up for the Runner’s World 40 Days of Awesome Challenge, which committed me to running every day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Why the hell do I set these goals? Are they just a good reason for me to have something to feel guilty about when I don’t meet them? I don’t even want to go there. Am I just trying to pretend like I’m something I’m not? What the heck am I playing at? Hell, I’m not a runner.