Run Streak Summer 2018 Scrapbook

Run Streak Summer 2018 Scrapbook

Streaking in the Heat

On July 4, 2018 thousands of runners completed another amazing run streak.  The Runner's World Run Streak Summer 2018 challenged us to run at least one mile a day starting on Memorial Day and ending on the Fourth of July. For many runners this was their first streak, while others have logged hundreds or even thousands of streaking days with no intention of stopping. Runners who have been streaking non-stop since the "40 Days of Awesome" winter streak celebrated 200 days of streaking on June 10th. For the #38moredaysofawesome some streakers ran the minimum one daily mile while others ran 3, 5, 10, 20 or more miles daily. The one thing we all have in common is a love for running!   

Poems from the Streak

Regular posts to the RW RunStreak Facebook group  provided streakers an opportunity to share streaking stories, photos, achievements, milestones, and questions. I commemorated each day in rhyme (see further down the page), and at the end of the streak I invited others to share their own verses. Not surprisingly, many streakers discovered their inner poets! I am pleased to share some of the poems, with permission of the authors. All together these lines of verse capture the high, low, serious, funny, unexpected, surprising and poignant moments that describe the power -- and magic -- of running. 

Streak Within a Streak by Ka Judice:

Who’d have known on a cold winter's day on a whim we’d all meet. 
Day 3, 4, 5, then 10 and each day we get up and do it all again. 
Overwhelmed by inspiring posts we run in cold, ice, and snow dreaming of Day 40,
but then something happened. 
Day 40 came and we didn’t want it to end.
We begged and pleaded and kept on going.
Spring days arrived and new goals achieved. 
Along the way, we saw injuries, rest days and new members come and go,
but the group kept going. 
Summer's here and the heat....oh, the heat. 
38 more days.
Can it be, the end of a streak within a streak or the new beginning with new, family. 
Here we are a new love...or maybe it’s an old love.
Either way, it’s awesome! 
My fellow streakers all rock, slow, fast, stroller pushing, group running, limping, blisters, medal winning, PR achieving, motivational, friends, family! 
Congrats on a job well done and here’s to many more! 

from Shan Pote:

i never thought i could possibly do the streak,
38 days just seemed too bleak!
but here we are my friends, i’ve done it,
thanks for all your support, yay i’m not too weak! 
and even though i ended this with a bloody arm,
the most annoying thing afterall,
was having to wash my long hair every day after a run 

haiku from Karen Olson:

Runner's high is real
So is the runner's low, but
We all stay the course

two haiku from Christine Mauren Detrick:

Runner’s high is real.
If you want to feel it too,
Join us on our streak.
The wind in your face
Breathe in breathe out rhythmically
Each step, you’re stronger.

haiku from Mary Kay Jessen:

Thirty eight day streak
Running, cheering, support done
Now run more my friends

from Anna Godwin Kendrick:

Streaking is hard, 
but streaking is fun!
The real question is...
Will it ever be done?

from Carla Owens:

What was I thinking?!?!? 
Running on trails? 
Don't want to get lost... 
So I better move my tail!

from Ann Dunlap:

Early in the morning we went out.
My app said 4.5 miles and I was in doubt.
But Thaddeus and I ran all about.
At 3 miles I walked and Thaddeus said don’t pout. 
So I didn’t and I ran with a shout.

from Nicole Hostetler:

Completed 125 miles for the summer streak, 
My friends & family think I'm crazy & maybe a freak. 
That may be, but I'm happy as a clam,
With the runner that I am.

from Anna Elizabeth: 

I hit the streets
To beat the heat
Accomplishing this feat
And my streak is complete!

from Thomas Perkins:

I stayed in bed,
I felt half dead.
Yet still the day,
but man, I'll pay.

Another RW Video!

During the streak I was once again honored by Runner's World with a video, made by talented RW video editor Derek Call.


RWRunStreak Facebook Group

I was asked to pull together all my posts from the RW RunStreak Facebook group (a public group) in one place, so here you go! What follows is the day-by-day journal of my "38 More Days of Awesome" adventure!

Keep Your Bonnet On!

Keep Your Bonnet On!

Time for Another Streak!

Time for Another Streak!