Summer Streak Part 2!

Congratulations to everyone who finished the Memorial Day to 4th of July running streak! A lot of you are continuing your streak right on to Labor Day, and many of you have messaged me to ask for a new tracking sheet, so here you go!

Another Tracking Sheet: Bib Style!

I was sorting through all my running bibs this morning and thought, “Hey! a bib design would make a fun tracking sheet!” So here you go, another version of a tracking sheet for the 2019 Run Streak that starts on Memorial Day and goes through July 4th.

Time for the Summer 2019 Streak!

Lace up your red, white & blue running shoes! The summer running streak starts on Memorial Day (May 27) and goes through the Fourth of July. That’s 39 days of running one mile a day (or more).

Live by Feet or Die by Inches

~ The Memories That Keep me Moving Even When I Don’t Want to Move ~

My mother and my mother-in-law both died by inches. Neither had a catastrophic event. They lived 2000 miles apart and only knew each other through my marriage. But they had a common bond; a story lived by so many others: after a certain age both of them just stopped moving.

Run Your Own Race

“Run Your Own Race.” Four little words. Four syllables shared with me by other runners. "Run your own race." Truly generous encouragement and advice. "Run your own race," begins the mantra I focus on whether running a race or performing daily activities:

Earn a Daily Digital Medal!

The 2018 Winter Run Streak starts on November 22, 2018 and goes through New Year’s Day 2018. Running a mile every single day is a joy in itself, but to make the winter streak even more fun I’m making digital badges to celebrate each of the 41 days.

I’ll post a badge on this page every day. Feel free to download the images and use them on your own pages!

Time for the Winter Streak!

On November 22, 2018, thousands of runners will commit to running one mile a day from Thanksgiving through News Year’s Day: 41 days of running bliss! Through warm, cold, wind and rain, snow and mud,

Tracking Progress with the Fitbit Flex 2

Several years ago I bought a Fitbit One and clipped it on my bra. I became pleasantly addicted to the step counter feature; it didn’t take long for the One to become as much a part of me as my shadow. Every day I waited eagerly for the little flower grow to full size, indicating I had reached my daily activity goal. That Fitbit One got stepped on, dropped in pasta sauce, dragged through muddy trails and chewed on by ferrets.

Take on a Challenge!

Search for fitness challenges in Google and you’ll turn up more than 800,000,000 results. 30-Day Fitness Challenge. 10-Minute Muscle Challenge. Summer Fitness Challenge. Whole Life Challenge. 30-Day Bodyweight Challenge. Couch to 5K. 30 Days of Yoga Challenge. People like challenges (well, at least I know that I do!). Taking on a challenge makes us feel good;

October is Walktober!

My employer, like many others, is sponsoring a “walktober” challenge that encourages employees to track daily steps and step equivalents. Step equivalents are calculated using a chart that converts common activities into the equivalent number of steps per minute of activity. Here are examples of three charts:

Keep Your Bonnet On!

From the Internet archives I beckoned a few 19th century women to deliver an important message to their 21st century sisters. Before I divulge their advice, can you guess what the four women in these images have in common?

Time for Another Streak!

Time for another streak! The Runner's World Summer 2018 run streak starts on May 28, 2018 and goes through the 4th of July. 38 days to get your run geek on by running one mile, every day. I am beyond excited, since the first runner's streak I did (Thanksgiving 2017 - January 1, 2018) kindled a love of running that I never expected. 

Keeping Fit for DIY

It's that time of the year. DIY Season. Time to repair, paint, clean, shine, cement and dig. For the past month or more  just about every spare minute has been dedicated to sawing, drilling, hammering, scrubbing, sanding, painting, and lifting. And I have a huge list of projects waiting for me.

At the Bottom of the Yo-yo, looking for My Mojo

Resolving to change a behavior is often compared to flipping on a switch. You start with a lot of motivation and the best intentions. You succeed for a while. Then temptation. Frustration. Boredom. A nibble here, an extra meal there. A skipped workout, an extra rest day, a half-hearted run. 


March into Fitness!

The month of March brings the gift of daylight that makes it easier for us to run and walk outside. It also brings a chance to renew or revive your fitness goals. Here's a fun calendar to keep track of your progress. I used flour-leaf clovers instead of three-leaf shamrocks so I could keep track of my three ongoing goals and one new goal.

Rock Your World Snack Bars

I’ve been tinkering around with recipe ideas to make the perfect snack bar. Hubby calls it “experimenting in the kitchen!” I define a perfect snack bar as: nutrient-dense, sugar-free but on the sweet side, oil-free, gluten free, guilt-free, tasty, satisfying, inexpensive and easy to make. I’m not asking for much, am I? 

Shin Splints: The Speed Bumps of Running

Shin Splints. Technically, medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). Shin splints are a pretty common ailment among runners; one PLoS ONE study identified MTSS as the most common injury (15%) among 254 novice runners (that would be me!). Causing pain below the knee on either side of the shin bone, shin splints brought my mile-a-day running streak to an abrupt end on day 51. I was in the middle of a 5k run when I felt the pain in the outside (anterior) part of my shin, along the thickest part of the muscle. I limped home and got out the ice pack.